Why Travel Solo?

If you feel lost in the monotony of your daily routine, this is your call to liberation. Now’s the time to embark on that grand solo adventure you’ve feared all your life and cross it out of your bucket list for good.


Why travel with Krazy Trippers for your first solo trip?

We give you the best of both worlds: a distraction free solo experience, and a community of like minded people to socialize with at your own terms. If the fear of unknown is holding you back then worry not because your safety is our topmost priority. Our Trip Leaders are trained and experienced professionals and this community is built on the foundations of mutual trust, assistance, and unity. We all look out for each-other and expect the same in return.

   What we don’t tolerate is hate-speech, harassment, and bullying, and aim to build a secure youth-centric gender-neutral platform for travelers from all backgrounds. We celebrate differences and try to inculcate diversity into our traveler community so the youngsters and those young-at-heart get to make the best memories of their lifetime.