What We Handle

We give your young spirit the wings to fly yet ensure you are always safe. We always serve in your best interests.

Your Safety

Whether you ride solo or with your tribe, your safety is our first priority. Our tours are led by expert leaders with best advice and recommendations, and your hotels and transportation facilities undergo rigorous and multiple screenings to eliminate any element that violates our safety standards.

The safety of our travelers is of utmost importance and we always make sure they feel secure and comfortable throughout the journey. You can contact your trip leaders in case of any problem and we also provide you the emergency helpline numbers if you need further assistance.

We do not tolerate gender discrimination, harassment, eve-teasing, or any sort of disorderly conduct on the trip. Defaulters would be asked to leave immediately. Our policy is simple and strict, “Be Nice or go Home.”

Logistics Handled

Think of your vacation as a group project where the nerds do all the labour and you enjoy the rewards. In this case we are the nerds who handle the planning and execution, which includes your accommodation, transport, sightseeing, and other fun activities, while you just show up in your favourite holiday outfit and enjoy your days off at some “best-kept-a-secret” location.

Hassle-Free Vacation

We are not one of those old-fashioned traveling agencies who sell you deals and then leave you to fend for yourself in a distant alien land. We stay with you from the beginning till the end and make sure you get the best out of each location, activity, and experience.
Our trip leaders give you an insider’s view of the best-hidden spots and local cuisines you won’t find on any travel guide or blog. While you drink and dine in the most amazing food destinations, we stay many steps ahead, keeping the upcoming activities ready to provide you a hindrance-free experience.

Our Community

We intend to build a vast but close-knit community of outdoor enthusiasts who share the instinct and passion for adventure and exploring. By connecting with like-minded people who resonate with your inner backpacker, you will get the pleasure of meeting new people and experiencing their cultures hands-on. This will help you to better understand, respect, and embrace the diversity of human existence.
We ensure you that your fellow backpackers will become your second family and where you’re together with them your second home. After all, Home is where your Homies are, right?

General Rules

Venturing into new places means encountering an array of cultures, peoples, and traditions. It’s very important to understand that all societies are equally relevant with their respective customs and there’s no better or worse way of life. We expect our travelers to be cognizant individuals who accept, accommodate, and respect diversity.

Here are some rules that you have to follow to maintain a smooth progression of the trip and peace for both your community and theirs.

  • Respect the locals, their customs, rules, and regulations. This includes wearing appropriate clothing, abstaining from potentially offensive actions and behaviors, refraining from entering restricted areas, and asking for consent before filming or clicking people.
  • Do not carry any illegal drugs and avoid getting excessively intoxicated. Carrying weapons is not allowed and neither is soliciting prostitution.
  • Do not cause any harm to the wildlife and vegetation of the area. Listening to your Trip Leader is mandatory and necessary for a smooth progression of the trip as they’re professionals with a very deep and authentic understanding of the area.
  • Communicate with the Trip Leaders in case of any issue, distress (mental or physical), and inconvenience. Be straightforward if any activity is causing you discomfort and withdraw if needed.
  • And most importantly, respect the local people, your trip leaders, and fellow travelers.

   Failure to comply with any of the above rules can result in immediate expulsion from the trip. No requests for refund would be entertained.