General Instruction

Venturing into new places means encountering an array of cultures, peoples, and their traditions. It’s very important to understand that all societies are equally relevant with their respective customs and there’s no better or worse way of life. We expect our travellers to be cognizant individuals who accept, accommodate, and respect diversity.

Here are some rules that you have to follow in order to maintain a smooth progression of the trip and peace for both your community and theirs.

  • Respect fellow travellers, trip leader and local community, their customs, rules and regulations. This includes wearing appropriate clothing, abstaining from potentially offensive actions and behaviours, refraining from entering restricted areas, and asking for consent before filming or clicking people.
  • Do not carry any illegal drugs and avoid getting excessively intoxicated. Carrying weapons is not allowed and neither is soliciting prostitution.
  • Do not cause any harm to the wildlife and vegetation of the area.
  • Listening to your Trip Leader is mandatory and necessary for a smooth progression of the trip as they’re professionals with a very deep and authentic understanding of the area. They are working in your best interest and want you to have a Great Time.
  • Know your limits, know when to say no, know when enough is enough. This applies to physical ability, emotional space, social situation and alcohol. If you have doubts about anything, take time to think about it or ask your trip leader.
  • Communicate with the Trip Leaders in case of any issue, distress (mental or physical), and inconvenience. Be straightforward if any activity is causing you discomfort and withdraw if needed.
  • Failure to comply with any of the above rules can result in immediate expulsion from the trip. No requests for refund would be entertained.