Do you have any questions in mind? Explore our FAQ section to find answers to common queries, or contact us for more information.

  1. We’re fun to hang out with- What’s better than meeting people your age, who share your love for traveling and parties?
  2. Your friends weren’t down for the trip? Tag along with our travel squad- A lot of our travelers come alone but rarely do they leave so. Our community is full of open-minded, amiable souls who’ll become your best travel buddies for life.
  3. Logistics have been taken care of- With our team handling the planning, managing, accommodation, and commuting part, it’s twice the fun and not even half the effort it would take on one of your self-planned trips.
  4. Plenty of personal space to charge your social batteries- Just because it’s a community platform doesn’t mean you have to do everything together. You’ll get ample alone time to do things on your own and come back to your group of friends when you feel like it. No explanation is needed!
  5. Need a break but don’t know how, where, and when? – Just pack your bags and come with us, it’s our job, to pepper some enjoyment into your hectic life.

If you are a fun-loving person with incorrigible itchy feet, if you travel solo not to remain lonely but to transcend the existing limits of your social interactions, if you love food, music, art, culture, and wildlife, you’re exactly the person we’re looking for. People from all backgrounds, genders, professions, and cultures are welcomed as long as you’re respectfully, open-minded, and nice. We do not entertain trouble-makers, party freaks, hotheads, and congenital cribbers. We appreciate humility and cooperation since it’s a community platform.

All trips cancelled 17 days before the travel date will be eligible for a 100% refund. 100% booking amount will be forfeited if cancellation is done within 17 days from the date of travel. If you have an emergency cancellation that is less than 17 days before your trip, please write to us at  krazytrippers@gmail.com along with proof of emergency. Based on the merit of each case, we will try to cover some of your expenses because we have already secured reservations on your behalf. For cancelling the booking, User has to send the cancellation request by email clearly mentioning the booking reference number, payment details and bank account/UPI details in which funds are to be transferred. The email is to be sent from registered email (from which booking has been done on our website) to krazytrippers@gmail.com. Refund will transferred in the accounts details shared by the user from their registered email. The payment will be refunded by web masters on manual mode within 10 days from the date of confirmation of bank account details by the user.

Your safety is our foremost priority and that’s why we’ve established certain safety norms for the trip. Be serious about your own safety as well and follow the guidelines diligently. If you drink in moderation, listen to your trip leaders, and maintain your cool in new social settings, your well-being is beyond harm’s reach. It is advisable to remain aware of your surroundings and report any discomfort or suspicious activity to your respective trip leaders. Be direct and clear in the communication, do not hold back information, and do not inflict harm upon yourself or others by being negligent.

Yes, the trips are safe and we are very serious about our “Be Nice or Go Home” policy. We have zero tolerance for violence and gender bias. Our majority of travelers are solo adventurers, both men and women and we consider it our duty to make the trip comfortable for all.

Don’t hesitate to express if anything or anyone is making you uncomfortable. Trust your intuition, be sensible and sharp and feel free to communicate with your trip leader. They’d be happy to assist you.

No, our Trip Leaders do not accept tips but you can show your gratitude towards them with a simple “Thank-You”. Our aim is to build a community that values human relationships and diversity in this world. We are also adventurers like you and this platform is not focused on monetary gains but on our mutual passion for traveling.

You would be able to connect with your travel crew through a Facebook Group created solely for the purpose of making travelers acquainted with each other. This way you can plan meet-ups prior to the trip or at the pick-up points. If you get along well and find your forever tribe, nobody would be happier than us. In case of any queries, you can email us at krazytrippers@gmail.com or call +91 84477 46495 and our customer care executives would be happy to take care of you!