About Us

Krazy Trippers is the best choice for millennials to travel India and the world. Our well-thought trips let you explore more in less time and cost.

“Your vibe attracts your tribe”

but is the tribe busy toiling while you’re planning a vacation? We’ve got you covered!

At Krazy Trippers, we curate ideal group travel experiences for people who share the same passion for wanderlust. With your busy schedules, leave the typical hassles of planning-bookings to us, and double down on your fun time with our pre-planned itineraries. The need for quality experiences has been addressed with the best 3 & 4-star budget hotels and carefully designed activities for the adventure freaks.

The most fulfilling experiences in life are those that we share with the people we love and Krazy Trippers is your destination to find that forever-gang of yours. We believe in delivering breath-taking experiences by blending travel with fun and meaningful social interactions.

It’s our job to bring together likeminded folks who love moving about the globe so you get a chance to forge deep social connections while having the best vacation of your life.

We are an all-inclusive congregation of itinerant people who belong to no single place but take a part of each destination we visit with us, as a precious remembrance of the good times. While group travels for solo and first-time travellers can be overwhelming, we ensure your safety at various levels. All you need to do is bring your vibe along for the adventures that await you, and the strangers you are yet to befriend.


Our Co-Founder

Krazy Trippers was conceived in 2022 by Ex-Major Himanshu Singh, an esteemed Kargil veteran who served as Short Service Commission Medical Officer in Indian Army. His devoted services in the extreme territories from Siachen to Rajasthan instilled in him a spirit for adventure, which was soon to become one of his most passionate undertakings, Krazy Trippers. With life always exposed to danger, away from home and traces of civilization, he developed a deep sentient connection with the natural world and made it his life’s purpose to explore it inside and out.

   Travelling to him became his second nature, a yearning for an in-depth experience of the environment, culture, food, music, and people of different areas. The hidden jewels and the forgotten places were what attracted him the most because that’s where he found the true unadulterated beauty of the places he visited.

   His way of exploring is away from the popular tourist trails and into the roads less travelled, for an unbeaten authentic view into the lives of the local communities. He made a lot of amazing friends on the way who shared a similar credo, and the importance of a supportive itinerant group became clear to him. Despite being a frequent backpacker, he couldn’t coordinate effective travel plans with his nomadic buddies and was desperately searching for a solution. Eventually he came up with the idea of Krazy Trippers, a networking platform where long lost friends could plan and execute travels together and newbie travelers could find a safe community to begin their journeys with.